BESTIES Vegan Paradise Mela Juice Watermelon Chili Mango $3.73
Hippeas Hippeas Churro $4.94
Chia Smash Chia Smash Jam Blueberry $8.78
Cheeze and Thank You Cheeze and Thank You Mozz Ball Original $14.00
Prime Roots THE AMICO $14.00
Prime Roots THE DELICATESSEN $12.00
Prime Roots THE SLIM SHADY $10.00
Prime Roots THE SANCTUARY $12.00
Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen Yvonnes Fauxstess Cupcakes $6.76
Chloe Vegan Foods Clo-Clo Flatbread Bruschetta $9.59
St. Agrestis St Agrestis Amaro Falso $7.87
OPEN Brewing OPEN Brewing Beer $12.00
Whims Delights Whims Peanut Nougat Bar $2.22
Sunday Supper Sunday Supper Manicotti $23.33
P.F. Candle Co PF Candle Co Citrus Daze $24.00
P.F. Candle Co PF Candle Co Saltwater Jasmine $24.00
P.F. Candle Co PF Candle Co Watermelon & Chili $24.00
Project Umami Project Umami Burger Original $11.21
Hampton's Brine Hamptons Brine Sauerkraut Carrot Sold Out
Taza Chocolate Taza Chocolate Orange Crunch $6.46
Taza Chocolate Taza Chocolate Hazelnut Praline $6.46
Taza Chocolate Taza Chocolate Cornflake $6.46
Taza Chocolate Taza Chocolate Covered Almonds $7.27
Taza Chocolate Taza Chocolate Cookie Crunch $6.46
Philosopher Foods Philosopher Foods Cashews $7.07