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BESTIES Vegan Paradise is the first and only vegan marketplace in the country to sell products exclusively from 100% vegan brands - all of the products we sell are from independent companies that do not use any animal ingredients in anything that they make and never conduct any animal testing. We do not sell any products from companies owned by parent companies who make products that are not vegan or conduct animal testing. Every dollar spent at BESTIES Vegan Paradise goes towards building an entirely vegan economy free of human oppression, corporate profiteers, animal cruelty, and all of those putting profit over people.


"There’s a reason this place is called Vegan Paradise. With a dairy-free soft-serve machine, hard-to-find vegan products, 
and an attached zero-waste home goods and beauty store, this one-stop shop has become a complete staple of LA vegan living."

"This is the one-stop vegan shop of your dreams!"

"...a vegan bodega, sort of a “vegan 7-Eleven” where someone can find a snack, a carton of plant based milk and 
other convenience items as well as serving as a community platform for local, vegan, and minority-owned businesses."

"Our VegNews editors were mesmerized by the immense variety of products—from the mass-market staple goods to the wild innovations."